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Divorce Attorney CA

Divorce Attorney CA


With the divorce rate in California rising to over 75%, the need for qualified divorce attorneys in the Lodi and surrounding areas is at an all time high. At our divorce law firm, we have made it our business to learn all of the ins and outs of divorce and domestic partnership dissolution in the state and are fully prepared to assist our clients in whatever function they need. A divorce is a dynamic change and there are many laws and regulations that serve to provide a guideline for going through this time. As a representative, one of our divorce lawyers will be able to help a person navigate the difficult road that is divorce and to gain a full and complete closure from the legal standpoint.


A divorce is rarely a pleasant experience for a person that goes through this procedure. However, there are ways that a good divorce lawyer can make things as painless as possible. Because a court case can take a great deal of time and money, our primary goal for our clients is to first try to achieve an out of court settlement that is mutually acceptable. In a contested divorce situation, we have helped many clients deal with the difficulty of a legal divorce proceeding. Throughout the process, we will be able to assist with any aspect of the divorce case, such as child custody, alimony or spousal support, and many others.


The financial side of a divorce case is often one that involves a great deal of research and investigation into the assets of both partners. We can make sure that asset ownership is correctly decided and take protection measures, such as freezing bank accounts or placing a lien on a home, to keep assets from being moved or hidden. In addition, we are also capable of performing asset tracing services when needed to investigate a partner that may be hiding assets to avoid losing them during the fair division of properties and assets. In deciding which items and assets will go to each partner, we will work closely with our client and the other party to make sure that no assets are overlooked or forgotten.