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Child Custody Attorney Lodi

Child Custody Attorney Lodi

A child custody attorney is essential for dealing with the many difficulties that can arise during the process of deciding with which parent a child will live following a divorce. Because a custody case can involve extreme emotions and tension, we believe that choosing the right child custody law firm is an important step in making sure the child's interests are kept as the main priority and that those interests are accurately represented during the legal procedure. As such, our child custody lawyers work closely with our clients as well as the custody attorney for the other party to try and make this difficult time go as smoothly as possible and that the correct final decision is reached.


In addition to deciding which parent will retain custody of the child, there are many other aspects that child custody lawyer must attend to. In any custody case, we look at the big picture and work to handle all the other aspects of the case apart from the actual custody, such as creating a visitation plan for the parent that will not be the primary caregiver. With visitation rights being largely open to interpretation, we look for a situation that will be mutually acceptable to both parties and keep the needs and wishes of the child as the most important factor. Grandparents are also entitled to visitation rights and our child custody attorneys can represent clients that need a legal solution to see their grandchildren on a regular basis.


The legal knowledge needed to be an effective custody lawyer is quite extensive, but our experience in this arena is unmatched in the Northern California area. We are able to assist clients from several different locations. Our custody firm welcomes the opportunity to serve the best interests of the child and needs of the parents during this emotionally trying time.